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psychological vs physical force feeding.4 months

For me, the best is when you make someone so fat and hungry, they don't need to be force fed anymore. They'll ask you for more.

My wife's like that.
She started out chubby and confident, but uncomfortable with the idea of being fat.
Then she started gaining more and more weight, and realized it felt good, it was actually making her healthier (true!), she felt prettier and more confident, and she knew I'd love her and take care of her as she kept getting bigger.
And the logistical inconveniences of having to carry more of herself around didn't bother her at all.
There was actually no sensible reason for her NOT to eat more and more.

She likes asking me for permission to go into the kitchen for seconds and thirds, because she knows I'll always say "yes"- and I'll go and fill her plate for her so she doesn't have to waste time getting up!

Your one lucky man ! That's the kind of relationship I ban only dream about !!
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