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future bhm from finland9 months


I'm a 29-year-old guy from Helsinki. I've always been intrigued by body fat, specifically it's soft and squishy texture. I fantasize being wrapped in this soft and squishy substance (basically I want to be fat) and having a fat admiring female by my side would be an icing on the cake. I started gaining earlier this year and gone from 84kg (185lbs) to 90kg (198lbs).

Only thing stopping me is that I still live with my parents and I'm apprehensive about telling them about this.

future bhm from finland9 months

Do you think you will be able to gain more once you've moved?
I hope so, for your part.

Yes I do. It's difficult to gain in secret while living with people, who may not understand the fetish.

My goal is fairly modest (115kg or 253lbs at most), because I want to stay in good health and retain my mobility.