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first stuffing experience9 months

Sounds like sugar/caffeine over load to me

first stuffing experience9 months

I see that clearly now and I'm sure that won't happen again. smiley

What would be your advice if I do intend on gaining weight?

Heavy cream is your friend smiley

My current "fat shake" is:
2 cups whole milk
1 cup heavy cream
1/4th cup) of some oil (coconut, flaxseed, or grapseed)
1/4th cup of nesquik

That's 1,820 calories and 154 grams of fat (some good some bad). Usually I have one for breakfast (for now at least) and chug one after a meal. Sometimes after 2 different meals.

Also beer is your friend too smiley (if you're a ball belly lover like myself).

The image is a one week difference on an empty belly, but not as heavy on the fat shake that I am currently chugging smiley

first stuffing experience9 months

And just for the hell of it. lol. This was yesterday after stuffing myself STUPID. smiley

Left, dead empty. Right, maxed out.

first stuffing experience9 months

Does the fat stay on for a long time or is it just temporary?
As I said, I'm new to all this, so I'll be asking a lot of questions first.

Your belly looks amazing, MotoBelly, especially after stuffing yourself silly.
What goal was it again that you wanted to reach?

I don't have a weight goal set myself but I'm interested in making my belly look that big when empty smiley Apart from that I love seeing how big i can make it from empty to finish! The goal for me would be my belly trying to explode out of my snowboard jacket smiley