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tight tummy5 months

Yes! I do this at least once a day i love the pressure smiley

tight tummy5 months

I love the feeling of being so stuffed that my skin feels tight across my belly. When my stomach gets so big and round that I look nine months pregnant with triplets. Sometimes I am amazed by its capacity, and how different it can look when stuffed versus empty. I love how heavy it feels as it protrudes in front of me. Sometimes, I swear I can feel the food digesting, and I imagine actually being pregnant and feeling a baby move inside me. It gets me excited to actually one day get pregnant and imagine how big I will become.

tight tummy18 hours

I do this every chance I get! If I could stay like that all day. Just feeling it pull me down. And not being able to suck it in. Needing to have your pants unbuttoned. It's a good time.