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need motivation9 months

I have a few works in progress, but I'm so unfocused and wthout motivation! How do you guys keep on top of writing? I'm an artist, but drawing is soooo much easier than writing. I really want to work on story writing more though!
Any tips or suggestions are welcome!!

need motivation9 months

Well the same thing applies to writing as it does to drawing. Best way to get past a block or dull spot with drawing way just getting the pencil to paper and just do it. The same applies to writing just putting the words down even if its just ideas it usually helps to move things along. It'll give you pieces to work on an stitch together.

This advice boils down to making the time for it and doing it to it. Hope this helps.

need motivation9 months

I heard from a professional novelist once that motivation is just you making yourself sit and write. It's hard to keep that excitement. Honestly, having a place to post my writing (like this site) motivates me because I get the instant gratification of likes and comments, ha ha.

One think that does help me personally is making an outline. Then I don't have to stress about what happens in the story, I just have to fill in the fun. I know where it's going, I just have to bring myself to that point.

Hope that helps!

need motivation9 months

All good advice above. Sometimes a brief roleplay with an articulate partner will reboot your creative juices.

Unfortunately it's getting harder and harder to find someone to play with any more.