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change of my gaining...8 months

Time for a change of pace. My 10,000 calorie day yesterday was awesome. With snowboarding just around the bend (should hopefully happen in 3 or 4 weeks) I'm happy with the belly I've made over the last 5 weeks, but now I want/need to keep that belly, add more fat to it at a slower rate, muscle to it as well, and everywhere else (muscle that is). I don't wanna regret intense muscle soreness on the first day out there. lol Who are the muscle bound beer belly lovers out there that can shed some good info on this process?

I'm thinking of some standard meals like eggs, chicken, some beef, green beans, along with my fat shakes and potentially adding some protein in with them. I'm not looking for instant visible results either just something to happen over some time. (but I do need to get my ass in some gear other than lazy for snowboard season lol)

change of my gaining...8 months

Probably should have thought about Snowboarding before the 10K calorie day. Season will most likely feel a little different for you this year. Lol

hahahah that's okay smiley smiley smiley

I suppose in "theory" it won't be (much?) different than how I ended last season about the same size / weight. But I lost muscle mass this year cuz I didn't get outside to do anything fun :\