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weight gain transforming your appetite.7 months

"The more you eat, the fatter you get.
The fatter you get, the more you eat."

I used to think this was just an oversimplified stereotype. Even when my wife was already so obese she was off some weight charts, and enjoyed eating and being fat, she had a really modest appetite.
And then...something just happened!

She started eating more and more- and eating faster and faster too. She had a small appetite, but now she truly gorges and stuffs herself like a genuine glutton! The way her appetite suddenly got so insatiable was a little shocking, but also makes me proud of her.

This story is a more detailed description of what mealtime is like for her now!

What are any of your experiences having your appetite just suddenly explode and cause you to start stuffing yourself- or it happening to someone you know or love?