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heres how my sex life works7 months

You can call me Dom. I'm new to this lifestyle of being a feedee/gainer, so I decided to find a community where I could learn more, and dive deeper into the fetish, and I ended up here. I HAVE A WIFE, who is my feeder. Right now I'm somewhere around 180 pounds (we don't own a scale yet lol) and my current goal is 215 pounds.

I am an extremely dominant person in a relationship, including in my sex life. I love to have complete control, and use my partner however I feel the need to.

Here's how our fetish life will work from now on. In every day life, she will be feeding me. She will be preparing my food and controlling when and what I eat. I must obey her no matter what. If I get sick, oh well. I always eat what and when she wants me to. In this part of our fetish life, I'm clearly the submissive one.

In the bedroom I am 100% dominant, and I get to enjoy the fetish I'm more into. She still enjoys her big man she's creating, but I use her like my fuck toy. I'm always focused on making her cum, but that might come along with some pain, or maybe some verbal degradation.

We both enjoy our fetish's and fantasies this way.

Two questions: What do you think about our sex life, and what are the best tips you have for me as a gainer. I'm going for maximum gains as fast as possible. Once I reach 215 pounds, her asshole becomes my property, to use how I want, so I have very strong motivation. Any help is appreciated smiley

heres how my sex life works7 months

That sounds incredible. Welc9me to the fetish. I enjoy a womens asshole too. Like a lot. Enjoy getting fat it's fun

Thanks man! Yeah, my wife's asshole is flawless, and she loves me to put a finger in it while I ***. I can't wait to be able to choose which hole I use.

heres how my sex life works7 months

Love it man. Im a bi young dude. Wouldlove chat with u. I'm a mutual gainer and a sub. Would love to chat with u about gaining. And ur wife's asshole. My kik is JohnRaymond12345

I don't have a lol but I'd like to message on here if you want to

heres how my sex life works7 months

Yea lets

Didn't realize you had to pay to keep messaging. I'm gunna talk to the wife and see if she's okay with me using kik to talk to you and others from this site.

heres how my sex life works7 months

My wife's getting too fat for sex- too heavy to do anything but lie on the bed and wobble, and her genitals are retreating so deep into her flesh I can't get in most of the time anymore!
She said she can't remember being able to find her own clit, and me doing it by hand requires burying myself up to the wrist! So obese I can't even find her outer labia at all, unless she spreads open lying down!

Okay baby, it's in there somewhere!

She felt really guilty at first, because she felt was like she was sacrificing my pleasure for her appetite. It's not something the average man would be okay with, more something you'd put in a sensational tabloid.
But I assured her I really don't care about that and I adore her so much it really doesn't matter.

Her belly has gotten so sensitive and erogenous, I can make her soil her sheets by just rubbing her gut while whispering nasty things in her ear about how obese she's gotten.

And I've found out she has a thing for my ass, and she loves reaching up into me from behind.
I'm usually the dominant one when we get into it-
but it is sexy to have to be the one who says "Please be gentle!"