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decided to go for some more3 months

Calling an end to the experiment.
Lessons learned:
1) i do love bloating w seltzer and belly rubs
2) i do not love my ankles becoming tender and sometimes painful
3) i love im officially fatter than ive ever been at 305
4) the shakes and cream were decadently effective and felt like everything that entered my mouth became deposited on me somewhere
5) i did not love tingly fingers from too much sugar

I feel sexy and being gay for fat is wubbulous. Continuing to bloat and binge less frequently. Body didnt seem pleased w what i was doing

decided to go for some more3 months

My heavy cream experiment ends (maybe) this Thursday. I found the same thing you found earlier that having one after a meal is a bad idea. So I just sip on one (2000 calories each) morning and at night over an hour so it doesn't hit me and that seems to have helped a lot in "keeping it"

I may keep this going past two weeks though cuz I'm loving the fatter empty belly! smiley smiley smiley

(the image is from this morning dead empty to inflated by air)
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