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fat clothing paradox!8 months

Where you get so huge and flabby, you actually STOP outgrowing things as quickly.

SHE told me she's been wearing the same panties since high school!

I asked her how that's even remotely possible!
Since back then she was thick but athletic, whereas now she's so obese she needed an attendant to buckle her in the last time we flew overseas together.

But she explained her fat is so soft, as she gains weight the fabric has just been comfortably sinking deeper and deeper into her flesh without bothering her.
From my perspective it either makes her look completely nude, or like she's about to explode out of her underwear.
But she's gotten so comfortable with the feeling, she prefers having underwear that vanishes into all her mass, rather than the usual bigger "fatkini" style.

Anyone else have experience getting so soft one size really DOES fit all?

fat clothing paradox!8 months

Yes I've noticed too I can squeeze my fat into surprisingly smaller sizes.