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first coke and mentos bloat any advice ??4 months

About to do my first Coke and mentos bloat and advice on how to get maximum bloat the first time without being sick advice would be welcomed !

I thought that someone who has experience of Coke and Mentos would be willing to share their knowledge to help you out. I have never done it before, so can't really comment, but my suggestion is to start slowly, to see how it feels, and how you like it. Next time you can try more. I hope you have fun trying.

first coke and mentos bloat any advice ??4 months

Thats basically he trick, make sure you don't go to fast and give your stomach time to rest if you feel too full, or like you're going to puke. Make sure to keep massaging your belly, and just basically try and avoid feeling too full lol

first coke and mentos bloat any advice ??4 months

I'm gonna say this again: this doesn't work.

I mean, it works in the sense that you're chugging soda and eating candy, but their is no explosive (or additional) bloating effect. You'd feel the same way if you drank coke and an equal weight in breathmints.

The moment the method make contact with saliva the nucleation sites are dissolved from the surface of the candy. You would have to shove a thick tube down your esophagus to funnel the coke and then drop the dry mentos, which still might not work if funneling the coke causes it up lose too much carbon, and if it did work your stomach would likely explode or everything would come back out the tube (which would be as impressive looking as it was gross) and you'd have to be able to hold your breath for quite a while.


Try eating half a loaf of bread an hour before chugging the soda. The bread will "clog" things up so your gut will expand more before you empty out.