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depo shot?8 months

Iím thinking about using the depo shot instead of oral contraception to aid me in weight gain. I need a higher dose of contraception for medical reasons, and my options are IUD and the depo shot, which my doc advised against because of the prospects of weight gain (which totally piqued my interest). Do any women here have any experience with the depo? If so tell me about your experience with it.

depo shot?7 months

Sorry ...I am not a woman.....but I knew a best friend of my girlfriend a while back who was on it and she gained a bunch of weight in like 3 months and she always seemed to be eating a ton. I estimate she probably gained 30+ Lbs in that 3 months. I have read some negative reviews other than just weight you might want to research it and see if it is right for you before you decide to go on....and weigh out the benefits (Pun intended). There seem to be conclusive evidence that a lot of women gain a lot of weight while they are on it. Keep me posted I would love to hear what you have read with regards to how much weight other women have gained.