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choose your own adventure7 months

Created new story in form of text adventure. Not sure if I can get away with posting it in the stories section

choose your own adventure7 months

Are you still working on it?
If yes, it could need some more choices, more branching. It's no use of being a "choose your own adventure" if there is nothing to choose, it should then be a normal story instead.

What I'm talking about, is that there are too many cases where the "choice" is simply:

A.) nothing happens
B.) you can't do that
C.) proceed to the next chapter

If you added longer branches, it could be developed into a great story!

choose your own adventure7 months

I didn't want to get too complex for just a bit of a laugh... if I do a few more chapters or get some good ideas I might copy the transcript to Unity to mess around with more variables

choose your own adventure6 months