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staying fit while gaining5 months


I am here because I want to ask a question to you all, maybe you can help me out here.

First of all, I am a 22 year old male in a relationship with a 21 year old girl which I really very love.

It's not like I have a big fat or gaining fetish or something like that but I do love a lot of fat on a girls buttocks and thighs and think that potbellies on girls can be quite attractive. I certainly find it arousing if she (my girl) gains and when her old jeans get too tight or she complains about her jacket being too tight around her hips.

To summarize it, while I do get sexual arousal out of gaining, I'm not that much into it and get nothing out of her getting really fat.

She, at the moment, could be described as thin to normal. Her belly is very flat (about 28 inches) and her butt is about 41 inches with thighs about 22 inches around.

She doesn't really want to gain but she told me that if we'd do sports together she would start eating extra so that she wouldn't loose the butt I love and even gain a little to make it bigger. Also I'd have to buy her new clothes if she'd grow out of her old ones.

The thing is: I want her to gain and develope an even jigglier ass and thighs (and maybe even a cute sexy potbelly), but I don't want her to be unhealthy. To do sports while gaining and eating healthy stuff sounds really like a good compromise to me. But it also sounds kind of contraintuitive. Also she doesn't really overeat and don't like sweets. If she has got no appatite no more then she won't eat.

Could you recommend me foods that are healthy and yummy and very high calorie such that she would start gaining even though she does sports?

I know I know you have to eat to gain, I am fully aware of that. But that's why I need the energy intense foods.

P.S.: At the moment it looks like this: She gains very very slowly over the year (we don't have a scale but I can see it from the ammount of celulite developing on her ass and thighs) and then takes two weeks with her friends in the woods and looses all that excess weight. So she kind of eats more than she needs over the year but this ammount seems to be so small that it doesn't really could stand her making spots I guess.

Thanks for you help!

staying fit while gaining4 months

To gain she will need to eat a lot (she can increase little by little) : proteins, carbs, vegetables and all the sauces, creams, cheese she wants to add.

She actually has to eat anything she wants, but just have to focus on eating most of the time REAL food and not junk food, and to eat a lot, especially at dinner !!

Examples (everything has to be in big portions):
- Carbonara pasta + a portion of fresh spinach or salad
- chopped steack + mash potatoes mixed with cheese + leek fondue
- big japanese menus (with lots of sushis, makis, cabbage etc)

If she does cardio a lot, she won't gain. She should reduces cardio and focus on weight lifting. weight lifting is the key. And of course walking regularly, doing the outdoor activities that she likes, but she really needs to understand that when it comes to really exercise, she should do real cardio no more than once a week.

Most important : she needs to work toward the body SHE wants to get and find the process enjoyable smiley

Something else : It may take a little time before her appetite increases, but with all the carbs it will surely will (something with the hormonal system). But, once it's triggered, it is hard to come back and it's like her whole metabolism will change. So she really needs to be sure of her choice and doing it for herself : if you hever break up both of you, she will keep this body and this appetite and will have to frustrate herself like crazy if she wants to go back...