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being immobile5 months

even tho you know you want it with all your hearts desire, how do you feel you will completely living out of your bed or are just there already and ready to give up out of being tired of lugging your big body around

are you a little nervous or do you think you gona extra need emtional support??? increased vist from friends, forms stimaulation other then sexual , people to watch movies with you, bedbound hobbies, of course a lot of you have a 100 percent confidence in your caretakers they will pamper you and do every thing you ask correctly not just to there likeing but your comfort level

i alway dread the fact of placeing my faith in loved ones to get tired of the 24 7 and start half assing it with me

being immobile4 months

Yeah the same worries are there for me but tbh I feel now like I'd love to just never need to get up or take care of things besides eating and growing. I know for a fact if I didn't need to still do some stuff for myself at the moment and i knew i had someone who would be there I'd already be immobile.

being immobile4 months

That is really a "leap of faith."
Trusting someone to take care of you when you just get too huge to do certain things.

I've found that really living with someone fat enough to need help sometimes is really fulfilling.