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the search7 months

All my relationships have ended because of this intrest of mine. Idk what it is but there’s a kind of Magic lazy girls have. Call me crazy but when a girl pigs out on your food and starts letting herself go turns me into an animal.

To know that you’re the reason she’s getting fat, and that she’s gorging herself and refuses to do anything but sleep makes me swoon. There’s nothing sexier then an overweight slut who cares about nothing but sex, sleep and cramming food down her throat till her stomach is so sore that she can’t move.

Damn, where are the women that like sleeping all day and waking up to being fed a buffet in bet before laying back and having someone work their pussy before they fall asleep again...

the search6 months

You're not alone. I'm very happy for the people in this community who seem to be able to find relationships in which they can have their desires fulfilled, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how to find a woman like that in real life.