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spicing things up in the bedroom...7 months

So with a lot of Feeder / Feeder relationships there is a huge element of fantasy.

So I am wondering, when it is impossible to get your partner to the ideal size and weight overnight.

What do you both do to spice up things in the bedroom. Exciting roleplays, or different positions? Involve food play? Pre stuffing?

Just curious of what turns you guys on... and looking broaden my sexual repertoire. ^_^

spicing things up in the bedroom...7 months

I do like my so to wear a thong that it is too small and flimsy and me tear it apart - or not. I think I am into too tight clothing to underline her weight.

Also trampling squashing and lift and carry.

Finally some period sex always help. I am currently trying to earn my red wings.

spicing things up in the bedroom...7 months

Watching my gf eat is definitely a bit of foreplay for me. Feeling and seeing her stomach stuffed full really gets me going. Plus its an added pleasure for when we are in bed.

We've talked about kinky ice cream and stuffing in bed but haven't actually done either of those.

Piggy style sounds super awesome

spicing things up in the bedroom...7 months

This is a Great question:

Talking about and showing how big you want to get for him....while being on top of him cow girl you can show with your hands how big you want your belly, butt and hips to get for him. You can use a soft but serious voice and then ask him if he would like that and then hold his hands and help him show you how big he would like for your belly to get with your hands still on his. Gently ask him won't I be to big and heavy for you at that size? I am sure he will say NO...and be completely brick hard....and then say "I will be so heavy and big and Fat you will be my prisoner underneath me and you won't be able to even move and I will just keep making love to you all night....and if you complain that I am to heavy I will bounce up and down more and more until I am so out of breath because I will be your huge Fatty and so out of shape and then just lay on top of you where you feel all of my luscious skin and Fat engulfing you and breathing so heavily.

Whoops...I may have got kind of carried away....but this would work on me every time. Also...this kind of seducing with weight gain talk is so Hot.

spicing things up in the bedroom...7 months

I also think that telling your partner your most wild fantasies can spice things up and create more intimacy between you. Also understanding each other�s most out there fantasies can help you approach them in role play or something

Very true.....definitely!