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dominant feeder with sadistic tendencies3 months

I'm a dominant feeder with a short attention span. Don't bullshit me , waste my time or be indifferent about being a feedee/gainer because trust and believe that if you surrender your body to me , I WILL make you gain more weight than you thought possible . In person is always preferred but if you're out of state , out of country then online will do. I'm stern , firm and a demon when it comes to control so expect your belly to be stretched to the max every night. Those who ghost mid through the process will be BLOCKED , those who are indifferent will be BLOCKED and you'll be forgotten since I'll pick up whatever feedee wants it more than you.

If you read and understand my profile ,be sure your subject is "summoning spell " before you write a message. I look forward to making you grow my sexy little projects."

WOMEN ONLY ~ because Iím a total lesbian