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how to expand my stomach capacity5 months

Hello everyone

I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to expand my stomach capacity for liquid, mainly for chugging/inflation purposes. I want to be able to chug as much fluid as I can possibly manage with a stomach stretchy enough to hold it all.

Any hints, tips and advice are more than welcome. Also, advice on chugging quicker would be appreciated.

Thank you and have a great day! smiley

how to expand my stomach capacity5 months

Straight up lqiuid's is a bit rough. I did this once with beer, power ade and water holding 116oz in under 40 minutes and I can say that I wouldn't do it again. Nothing bad happened but did feel a little funny.

So I stick with my three usual options.

* Chug a beer, air inflate (backend), and sip a beer til I'm maxed out.

* Beer, air swallows til I'm maxed out.

* And of course the common one. 40 to 50oz of food then beer/water til I'm maxed out.

I think the last one is more effective as food/water is heavier and stretches your stomach lining more. but for a quick full belly the first two work in a pinch.

Chugging quick requires you to leave your throat open which is a trick in itself smiley