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not resubscribing til you fix stuff and respond4 months

Not sure if any moderators are listening anymore, but there's a bunch of simple coding fixes that need to happen. I see people bring up the same ones over and over. You may think that you have a lock on the genre, but even 900 pound gorilla's die if they don't eat. I will literally code for you for free. Stop *** around.

not resubscribing til you fix stuff and respond4 months

Hey Nok,

Sorry you feel frustrated by the rate of change but I can assure you that I'm constantly working to improve the website and make it the best it can be. I don't have a team of coders, it's just me but I try to make the best use of the time I have available.

There are many things still to do but I'm hoping you'll have noticed some of the recent changes to the messaging system. Also a long standing bug fix to the pic uploads to prevent the width being cropped which was happening in some cases.

I'm currently still working on the messaging to give it more of an app type feel, with just one line per contact and plenty of AJAXing to speed things up.

Thanks for your offer of help but with 1000s of lines of code it's not really something that people can easily just dip into smiley

not resubscribing til you fix stuff and respond4 months

I absolutely understand and wholeheartedly apologize for my attitude and coarse language. It's been a weird week and I should of checked myself, but that is no excuse. I know you guys work at this site, and I know you don't have a big team. Thank you very much for all you do. I will of course resubscribe when the time comes. I love and respect this site and what it represents. Obviously, as I have been here something like 10 yrs, lol. My experience when it comes to coding is limited, but my offer stands if you ever want unpaid help, lol. Good luck, and thank you again for all you do and try to do.