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thin girl to bbw4 months

I was slim back in my late teens then during my twenties began to gain weight due to having pcos.
for years I was slated by family members & friends of the family just for being a uk size 14.
which isn't big at all I had always enjoyed food gained weight easily around three years ago I realised how much I loved curves big boobs tummies etc and gave up dieting.
although i'm a size 16 which isn't big compared to many gainers I prefer myself having gained weight two and a half stone since 2011 wouldn't want to be slim again as i'm more confident now than when I was slim.

thin girl to bbw4 months

Years before my friend started to experience many weight fluctuations, she was really turned on by the fantasy to overstuff herself till getting permanently bloated, plump up overall and getting severely obese.

At roughly 5'5" and 112-17lbs at 18 years old (now roughly three inches taller: she experienced a couple of growth spurts very lately) she have a rail thin yet fairy curvy built at this time and a set a stalky legs, so as a lot of girls in our entourage envied her body.
But personally, she admitted herself being quite bothered to be a smaller girl, believing if she succeed to double her size she may truly experience a womanly figure and everything it occurs as a fat woman.

Today, her somewhat unwitting penchants take a shilly-shally turn because of both her bipolar endeavor, internalized body image issues, social pressures and difficulty to keep her weight up and maintain it. But knowing her since a long, it's just a matter of time before this fancy become her prime obsession again.

thin girl to bbw4 months

Glad to hear you are happier and more confident. In my experience mates, family and workmates are the hardest you my have to drone out. Especially family. Eventually though, they will just give it up mostly when they realise you are not going to change. Its easy to play it off (the stress card is most useful in the beginning). The other good thing with modern times is plush size seems much more common. One just has to go take a walk down the high streets or other large public gatherings and observe. Much less stand out/hate these days. (not extinct though of course!) I've noticed this a lot in Aus, UK and USA.

Of course playing it off vs telling them actuality (you enjoying it) are two different things. Such is life though. Thats where interacting with like minded people is a great, where you can open up fully.

In the end though, you being happy is most important and hope you always keep chasing after your goals/dreams and don't let anyone harbour you -^^-

thin girl to bbw2 months

I have had a pretty similar experience. I was around size 12 us and have gained almost a hundred pounds and am now at a size 18 us. Iíve always been FA but never realized I would enjoy being this size as much as I do. Iím actually more confident than ever and I love the way I look now and how my clothes look on me!

thin girl to bbw1 month

I have same feeling
I was size uk 8 before
and Iím size 14. I love myself evermore.