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comforting a larger girlfriend (females advice please mainly)4 months

There are a lot of factors that we donít really know and not knowing her deeply and personally then all we can do is guess. What she thinks and feels might not be the same as someone else. I know if she truly doesnít want to be fat and you tell her you love fat then yes telling her she looks good means youíre telling her she looks fat. So how does she react when you tell her she looks fat and you love it? But to answer if youíre doing anything wrong, from what you said here I would say no. Youíre not sabotaging her efforts to lose weight or anything like some people dovto their girls on here. Youíve just been honest that you love fat. Thatís a good thing! Closet FAs drive women crazy and never in a good way haha.

comforting a larger girlfriend (females advice please mainly)3 months

If she isn't into feederism and hates her weight, DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. Compliment her on anything but her size, her laugh, her face, anything else!!! Don't mention how her body looks at all until she feels more secure about it, give her time smiley