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fat humiliation roleplay (dark)4 months

25 M

So yeah I'm pretty much into the humiliating aspects of being overweight as well as the unhealthy elements (being out of shape), health effects, high blood pressure, mobility issues etc. I also love the body comparisons/humiliation. The idea that bhm or bbw having no self control compared to someone who does, that they are inferior to fit people really gets me going. I'm open to any other scenarios as long as they include elements of the below.

The two scenarios I have in mind are either a doctors appointment where the bhm or bbw's, doctor: and insults them for being grossly overweight. She talks about the health effects of their diet and lifestyle choices. Also points out how in much better shape she is compared to them.

My other scenario is one in which where the bhm or bbw got to a resort pool where this couple: talk shit about them within earshot. They proceed to order food and make a complete slob of themselves much to their disgust. They talk about how they have no self control or shame. That they are a complete hog etc.

I'm open to playing any role. Let me know if you are interested. Pm me here or contact via email,