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hello4 months

i was a sporty boy , but i had an injurie , so i was like i'll eat and eat because i also wanted a rest and let myself go . the first time i notised my gain was when i was putting my pants and my ass was to big for it then everything was to small . when i was eating on my table i noticed i need more space to sit and i eated more and more maybe two or three dishes and for dessert some ice cream or cookies . at some point i went to the mall , i needed new clothes but my current ones looked so tight and my belly was sticking out and my pants were to tight but i had to buy some clothes i bought a big sweater and some size L pants with spandex so now im to happy to be this big and i love that some schoolmates love my weight gain sometimes they buy me some chips other times a hamburger but i buy two for me later and icecream my feet are chubby now so i have an issue with my old shoes right now i have vacations so im always at my house eating and watching t.v , and i dont have to use my shoed right now and i love feelling fat and free