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best bed for 600+ pounds4 months

Op user:
Maybe we should separate the issue of mattress and the bad frame. Buy the best mattress that can support your weight but do buy a cheap frame so you can change it when it breaks under the couples weight. I still enjoy the memory of damaging a couple of beds due to my partner weight on top of me.

Make sure you can buy a platform or big fig bed knowing I have been told about scarring some receive from using a broken boxspring vs using 2 mattresses on top of each other or airbed (temporarily).

best bed for 600+ pounds4 months

Finally Fat:
I built our bed. Had one pine board 16' x 17" x 4" thats been stored in my cellar 20 years. Flawless heartwood. I had it milled in half (16' x 18" x 4"smiley and used just that wood to make our bed.
I built it for 800 lbs. We've been sleeping on it now for 3 yrs. As a couple we're over 600 lbs now and our bed is filling up! The frame hasn't made a sound- it's massive. Have a look-
First stages.
Slats in place. 1.5" sq. on 3" centers. No mattress sag.
We've grown so fat in our bed.

Nice work. It looks like how one would build an upper story floor. Does it come apart for moving house?

Sorry I missed this, nofbar.

Yes it dissassembles easily. The Headboard is two bookshelves joined and then attached to the bed's headpiece on 2 threaded 1/2" rods that penetrate the headboard/bookshelves just beneath the lowest shelf where the washers and nuts won't be visible.

The frame itself is joined with SS large cabinet clamps. No glues. I can break it down to two L shaped parts.

Moving it in to the room from the downstairs workshop in one piece was very easy, though heavy. It is very sturdy- no wobble. We just carried it on it's side. It never moved or made a sound.
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