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feeder/fa turned feedee5 months

Iíve always found big women attractive. Recently though I realized a big part of my attraction was that I prefer to be fat myself.
Iím trans and I think it came as part of seeing myself as more feminine. I was able to realize that I could be fat and soft. I also feel like I look more feminine the fatter I get.
For the most part Iíve really loved gaining. Everyday I feel more comfortable with my body and all itís soft chub.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar experience, a feeder who realized they were actually a feedee.

Iíve read a couple experiences but I couldnít find a thread about it

feeder/fa turned feedee5 months

Just wondering if anyone else had similar experience, a feeder who realized they were actually a feedee.

I�ve read a couple experiences but I couldn�t find a thread about it

I had the same experience, I was an FA with an average build for most of my life, and only "fell into" gaining, and then eventually becoming a feedee, by accident. (I wrote about it in more detail here: )

Like you, I also found that gaining made me feel more feminine, though it was not my initial intent or interest. But in accepting it, I've come to enjoy the joy of it, too.

feeder/fa turned feedee5 months

I was a FA for quite a while, it wasn't until about 2 years ago I started thinking how cool it would be to gain some weight myself. My significant other is on the larger side, but was insecure about herself. I thought maybe if I start putting on a few pounds she'd be more secure with her weight. (I also liked the idea of having a large belly in front of me). Thus, I dabbled here and there with stuffing, and eventually I made it a habit. With every little bit I gain, the urge to gain more gets stronger. I guess you could say that I've fully crossed into being a feedee now.

feeder/fa turned feedee4 months

I realized at a young age I liked fat woman and gainers. I thought I was a feeder for the longest time. One day I saw someone do a mentos two liter bloat and tried one for myself. I loved the way I looked and felt with my full stomach. I ended up doing expanding my stomach like that almost everyday whether it was with soda water or food. At the time I was pretty active so I didnít gain anything, but after a few months of stuffing I figured out that I wanted to gain. I was in denial about it at first, but eventually I came to the conclusion I was a feedee. I quit my sports and started to dedicate myself to gaining ever since.