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one year, max gain, let's gameplan5 months

I've been a lurker up until now, but I'm a 25 year old stay at home mom, been married to my awesome husband since we were 18.

I've always kept in relatively good shape - 5'10 130 lbs, frequently went to the gym. When we got pregnant, right after birth I ended up in the 170s, for reference. Got back down to 140, which is where I'm at right now.

Now, I'm not exactly huge in feederism (or at least, so I thought), but my husband has always had a thing for bigger girls.

(...i.e., I knew his pornhub was nothing but Mandy Majestic, Kandi Kobain and a bunch of amateur BBWs that relatively looked their size)

I don't really care, because we still have a great marriage and great sex life, and he's always been an awesome husband and dad.

Anyways, right after I gave birth, I could tell that he really loved the extra weight on me (his high as hell sex drive went even higher, and he was treating my deflated-ass looking belly on the same level as most guys do boobs), and to be honest I actually agree with him.

(He said he had zero issues if I decided to just not lose the baby weight, well I did and now I kinda regret it.)

Long story short, he's leaving for 12 months, so I had an idea. I knew he's had a lifelong thing for bigger girls, and the more I thought about it, the more appealing fattening myself up sounded.

The liberation seems awesome (freedom to eat what I want, when I want and how I want it? Sign my ass up...).

I've started to see being fatter as being more feminine - more fat = bigger boobs, softer/round(er) belly, thicker hips and thighs, etc.

Always had admired those bodybuilder chicks with legit abs, now I think they're a bit gross, but whatever suits them.

Straight asked my husband what would he think about leaving married to skinny chick, but coming back married to a plump-as-all-hell BBW.

He gave me his incredibly enthusiastic approval - figure didn't want to make this shit a surprise just in case, but as it turns out he admitted that he kind of wanted me to keep the baby weight on (and put on some considerable amount more after that), but he didn't want to pressure me.

Anyways, a bunch of talking later, and we're doing this, for real. Project Make-Myself-Obese is a full go

I'm excited as all hell - not to sound to freaky, but I managed to give myself what I think was a 100% mental orgasm when I clicked the "cancel" button on my gym membership.

But, I'm nervous as hell.

Always been a skinny AF girl. It's dumb as hell, because all the women in my family are at least pudgy, and all of my mom friends are either BBWs or outright clinically obese, so it's not like I'd be sticking out if I put significant weight on. I stick out more, now.

Not that social pressure should be a determining factor in any of this, just trying to illustrate how I wouldn't be facing any real amount if I softened up.

So yeah. I'm nervous, just because of the major life change.

Husband and I did a thing a couple nights ago - sort of an official you're-not-skinny-anymore-you're-an-aspiring-fatty, I baked a huge cake using all sorts of high calorie goodies, and he fed the entire thing to me, in bed.

(Then we did the deed, but I was so stuffed I kinda just starfished for the entire time. He didn't seem to mind.)

So, game plan time.

I'm nervous (like, excited-nervous) to fully let myself go, but I do want to. We agreed on the for-now end goal of me getting to Carmen La Fox's or Azismiss's zip code, weight-wise.

Hype me up.

I'm ready to take the plunge: for those of who are actually fattening up, what do I have to look forward to?

(besides the obvious that I said above)

I'm a dork for quantifying numbers, so I actually got myfitnesspal premium, a fitbit (to be used for precisely the opposite purpose than intended) and have been researching (if you can call it that) what's the best ingredients for gainer shakes,

There's not really a whole lot that I'm not willing to do to get the pounds to start piling on, save for crazy shit like drinking straight canola oil/chugging butter. Can't really go nuts on alcohol, since I got a kid in the house and I'll be the only parent present. And I'm kind of the lightweight to end all lightweights either way, so there's that.

I do have two dozen cartons of heavy cream sitting in the fridge, just waiting for me.

I want to go balls to the walls on this.

Genetically-speaking, weight gain comes easy (I don't think I know a female relative who's less than the 190-200 zone), and that has me equal parts squealing in excitement and nervous as all hell.

Like I said, I'm 5'10 so I'm fairly tall for a Boobed American, so how much would ya'll estimate I'd have to put on before I got into the same sphere as the above links?

Like I said, excited to do it and fully plan on eventually, but also a massive dork for numbers.

And, so obviously there's gainer shakes, heavy cream and their awesome combinations. Don't want to buy a majo

one year, max gain, let's gameplan5 months

i think you already know what to do, and eat when you want, and also eat for fun too, eat to stop boredom and you will balloon super quick

i suspect if you wanted 100lb in a
year should be easy to attain and get you to the ball park you are looking for

one year, max gain, let's gameplan5 months

what an awesome wife you are, your guy is so lucky! what a fantastic surprise for him to come home to!

if you are into math and numbers than you should get an app to record your calorie intake and see what you can get that up to. if you can work up to 5000 calories a day you will be sure to put on some gorgeous poundage. at your height i think you need to get well into the 200s (250?) to look like the models you mentioned. but don't get hung up on the scale, concentrate on the calories!

one year, max gain, let's gameplan5 months

Go to the gainer shake topic under "Recipes"
Here is the updated recipe that DD Cupcake used for a 5 lb overnight gain that Stayed with her.
Half gallon of plain ice cream ( no nuts or chips or pieces of fruit
One Gallon or 1 percent or 2 percent milk
Two cans of Sweetened condensed milk
One ( or two) quarts of heavy cream
One box of cake mix made into batter

Hershey Syrup for flavor (optional)
At 140 this will take hours to finish.You could gain plenty if you started out with Half the recipe.

While I have your attention.
Cloverhill Iced Honeybuns 750 calories Each eat one with a fattening breakfast
One at 10am

one as dessert after a fattening lunch
One at 3
One as dessert after a fattening dinner
The fifth at 9pm
You could do this on non shake days.

I once met an Airman's wife who gained from 200 to 300 without trying.The fact that she was Already overweight (5'7"smiley might have actually contributed along with loneliness adding to her already substantial appetite.

Go all out and the results could be Astounding.Break it down to small increments.Think about this .33 lbs a day is a lb every 3 days.That very reasonable pace would net a gain of 121 lbs in a year.10 lbs a month
That is actually probably less than you will be able to accomplish with heavy cream in the menu.
VaVoom gained from 154 in March to 259 in August with eating and 1 to 2 quarts a day
With a few cake shakes a week a 160 180 or even 200 lb gain is Not impossible.
Please keep us posted.