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be carefull with what you wish for2 months

So, with somewhat over two months gone since my last update, I'll present to you the newest state of affairs:

I cannot really talk about any big gain, because not only was my sweet little big cat ill and illish for about a week and a half, but also a new job took a tole on our eating habits as well.

I am quite sure that she lost some weight, because as she puts it: "My boobs don't fall out of that newly bought bra anymore." Before that, they'd spill out of the F cub (EU size) quite a bit.

Non the less, I've noticed that whenever she's sitting down or croaching, she's got a huuuuuge buttcrack on full display. During witertime that must've had slipped my mind due to the big layers of clothing, but now, when days are warm enough to go out just in t shirts and pants, it is really obvious.

It looks quite nice, because she has still a relatively small waist compared to her hips.

I'll react to all your comments another time in more detail, for now I'll have you know that I much appreciate your suppert and wisedom. smiley

be carefull with what you wish for2 months

My girlfriend is the same way. Started at 150 lbs at 5'2 and is now 190 a year and a half later and cant stop. Literally, like eats full cans of icing by itself. Since the year has started put on 20 lbs with no signs of stopping. She loves it though cause most the weight is in her chest going from a DD to G. She's tried to slow down this month to no avail.

be carefull with what you wish for2 months

For the last week or so, I've tried bringing her back on track- eatingwise. Meaning, I tried my best to cook her dinner which she could take to her work and eat there, even though it is hard work and doesn't allways work out.

She did complain to me, that she's eating way too less and that her hunger went down drastically due to her not eating so much.

Last night I made food for us even though we weren't hungry and she replied with something along the lines of "I'm not hungry but make the food anyways, I should eat more."

That may have to do something with the fact, that she complained about her favourite pair of pants getting too big for her.

And I won't be asked twice to make her food. XD

be carefull with what you wish for2 weeks

I look forward to the continuation of the update of your days !!

be carefull with what you wish for1 week

I look forward to the continuation of the update of your days !!

Well, time to give you some new information then! smiley

Over all there have been no really groundbreaking new events. I got her back to eating right and try to increase her hunger by serving her whenever I can.

She bought a new bra and is starting to fall out of it again, just as she dooes with the old ones. (I really live it when that happens!)

We also went shopping for new clothes which was a great opportunity to buy here some new wide clothes and change them with the old ones that started to get a little tight.

The most noticable change that I've noticed is besides of her breasts, that her butt really sticks out now. Like, it was big before and all, but there is more cellulite and more hips, thighs ad stuff there.

OH and I accidentally gained about 7 kilos over the past months. That completely slipped my mind. ^^'

It's just...yeah, I started eating pretty much I guess. Nothing too muc, I'm still pretty slim I'd say, but the heaviest that I've ever been.

be carefull with what you wish for1 week

your story is really beautiful !! I wish you all the happiness in your life continuity !!! and thank you very much for the news! 🙏🙏

be carefull with what you wish for3 days

+++breaking news+++

Ive just closed a deal with my beloved panthress.

We have talked about our fitness and level of activity and how it would be nice to work out some more yesterday.

Ill spare you with the details but weve figured out a deal where we both try to get as fit as possible until the end of the quater.

If she sucseeds, Ill have to organize a whole holyday through Europe. Two weeks and I pay and take care of everything. However if I win, she will not only gain back so much that her butt size is at least as big as it is now as quickly as possible, she also goes on a four day holliday with me where shell have to gain as much weight as possible through the local gastronomy. On her expense.

I think I better start working out. A lot.
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