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recipes for easy weight gain?11 months

So Iím Laurenís boyfriend and Iím admin of this account now, I wanna know some recipes that will make her gain weight fast. Iím a pretty good cook, but Iím out of ideas for weight gain recipes

recipes for easy weight gain?11 months

One thing that you can do is to modify recipes slightly. Instead of using milk, try cream or heavy cream. Same consistency, but more calories. Pretty much when you're shopping for ingredients, always go for the ones that have more fat, Calories, and carbs, money permitting of course.

recipes for easy weight gain?11 months

Almost anything that involves meat and a slow cooker.

recipes for easy weight gain?11 months

If sheís into it you can always look up a weight gain shake recipes. Tends to be a lot of drinking but Iíve seen plenty that a loaded to the brim with calories and thereís plenty to chose from. When it comes to cooking Iíd say cook whatever sheí craves or canít resist (look for that weakness, for my girl itís Ben and Jerryís half baked ice cream), make sure she has plenty of snacks at her disposal (chocolate, chips, any mindless movie/Netflix snacks), and get her stuffing/full before bed for maximum calories to fat gains. Weight should creep up from there. Hopefully some of this helps.

recipes for easy weight gain?5 months

Oats Nut Porridge: Picture: Shutterstock.

Granola With Nuts And Entire Drain: Picture: Shutterstock.


Dry Natural product Chocolate Drain Shake:

Entire Wheat Paneer Almond Sandwich:

High Protein Oats Treats:

Oats And Chocolate Protein Shake:

Banana Nutty spread Shake:

recipes for easy weight gain?3 months

This is an individual thing for your particular feedee. What are their favorite foods? Are there any foods they like so much they can't stop eating them? Those are the foods you should make available.
If pizza is a trigger food, add extra cheese and sausage. I buy frozen pizza and doctor it up with added calories.
For me it all started with the Thanksgiving holiday. I associated the sight and smell of those holiday foods with the feeling of being very full and my stomach stretched to the limit. I got the same urges anytime I had stuffing , mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole or turkey. When I first started stuffing and gaining I visited Boston Market almost every day. Over time I branched out to other foods.