submission and domination

does anyone like doing ddlg with feederism?1 week

I am in a DDLG relationship already, and itís amazing to combine with feederism. Weíre actually much less into feederism (Iím FA more than a feeder) than DDLG, but my little is chubby, and absolutely adorable.

Also, I know itís not everyoneís cup of tea, but my little is very much into diapers (seriously, how could I deny making her happy), and I do think diapers go very well with this lifestyle as well.

does anyone like doing ddlg with feederism?1 week

It's honestly the two best things to combine for rp

does anyone like doing ddlg with feederism?1 week

I do. They go well together like fat girls and yoga pants.

LOL Indeed they do!

does anyone like doing ddlg with feederism?3 days

I'm honestly curious of theres anyone like-minded. Because for me personally, having both ddlg and feederism together is a major turn on for me.

It seems a natural combination. A little is naturally impetuous and impulsive with little willpower of their own. If your little is also between Ab/Dl and little then you've got a sexy chubby toddler with no willpower. If you are the indulgent Daddy you should be then feeding is a natural extension in the dynamic. I would make a suggestion to get your little *pacifier trained* to maintain the oral fixation as a technique of soothing, calming, and/or comfort. There are many good pacifiers available designed for adult sized Ab/Dl and DD/lg mouths.
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