what was your high school experience like?3 months

I was very awkward in HS, and have always been an introvert. But it was a small town high school, and everyone knew everyone. So over all it was a great experience. I didnít take school seriously, but I was smart enough to do OK, even in AP classes, and stayed out of any real trouble. Really my biggest regret was not stepping up and dating more, and ignoring ( in a romantic sense) some chubby girls because I let my perception of attractiveness be influenced too much by society. The latter flipped on itís end 6 months after graduation when a fat girl held my hand, and my heart stopped. For various reasons, it was a year before we went out again, but I was bit by the chubby girl bug.

Lots easier being a somewhat withdrawn guy than girl, and lots easier with you are still respected, even if not for your social skills.

College was more of the same, social skills we a bit better, but I went from a 600 student HS to a 20,000+ student university. But I was in engineering, so again, kind of a small town atmosphere ( smaller classes, lots of the same students, lots of labs and projects.). And the school was very friendly.

what was your high school experience like?1 week

Like most people here, I was an outcast. But I was the king of the drama club and took a major role in every play. I also played in orchestra and in a garage band.
I had a serious girlfriend. She was fat like me and an A student like me and we had a mild mutual feeding thing going on. The shocker came a week before prom when she came out as a lesbian. She told me she never loved me and was just using me for a cover so she could stay in the closet to her parents, who adored me.

what was your high school experience like?1 week

I was the weird fat girl who was super into music, organizing band fests, and local shows. I started out pretty universally made fun for being fat until I found out how to be funny, and eventually people who used to make fun of me for being fat started to defend me. High school got a lot better after that!

I actually found out about feederism when I was a freshman in high school, so I was always fantasizing about some little chubby chaser feeding me between classes and grabbing my belly behind the bleachers. That didn�t end up happening until college, but basically it was a downward spiral to the sexual deviant that you see before you today!

what was your high school experience like?1 week

I was always thin through high school, but already liked bigger women and my first meaningful relationship was with someone who was definitely on the chubby side. But it wasn't enough to get me into any issues with anyone, 'cause she wasn't that big and was also a real cutie.

My issues with high school were all social awkwardness related, and I ended up developing a diagnosed anxiety disorder. I only recently realized that *all* of those issues were related to me not yet knowing I was transgender. Would've been a completely different experience - both good and bad - if I'd known back then.

what was your high school experience like?1 week

I think I got into this when I was a kid. I was a year ahead of the others, and in 5th grade we had these world record books, and I got the page of Donna Simpson (either that, or it was Susanna Emans, or however sheís named), and I didnít even know she lived in the town nearby in Akron, Ohio until last year. I confused in my only friend, who laughed, and then moved on. Later on, the same year, I went to youtube while my family was out grocery shopping... I didnít know what sexual attraction was then, as our health and sex education was poor, and we learned at the end of 5th grade with probably the most graphic video ever comprised about it.

I didnít know a thing, and I found YouTube sure, but Readables, thatís where the real imagination came in, and before you know it I became an addict. Still am honestly, but thatís just how it was, day in, day out. Canít imagine how I didnít stop, but thatís that I guess. This of course led to other kinks and fetishes growing, but Iíve honestly never tried them, so as long as Iím by myself I can only imagine the first real woman Iíll ever get to serve and please... it makes me happy, knowing others are doing alright and enjoying themselves.

I want that someday, but Iím still young. Iíll find it eventually, in due time no less.

what was your high school experience like?3 days

High school was fun. I was fat and steadily gaining, (though TBH, it wasn't consciously purposeful at that time) needing new clothes at least 2x per school year. I always got myself thrown out of PE for being extremely lazy and at one point when I was still in a school with uniforms, and my pants burst open one day,I had to take a week off of school while the uniform supplier ordered special size pants for me. I was the biggest person in the school.
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