skinny body with huge belly2 months

There is a trace amount of lactose in heavy cream. Lactose is a sugar and cream has a gram or less of it in an entire quart... but there IS some.

skinny body with huge belly2 months

Did some research, there are no trans fats in "Elmlea", which is good.

4.3.2 Through our involvement in the Commission and the insight gained from the medical community we recognised that there was concern about transfat intake out-of-home. Unilever, therefore, signed up to removing partially hydrogenated fats from the portfolio and across the business. Unilever has removed the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (p-HVO) from Elmlea, which in turn has removed the artificial transfat from the product. This was technically very challenging and consequently we have made a substantial investment to overcome this challenge. The reformulation process began in 2009 and the product was re-launched in mid 2010

That's great to hear. smiley

skinny body with huge belly2 months

I'm going to add updates about this gain experiment, so in the last week or so I noticed I feel really dizzy a lot after eating stuff and also very hot. This wasn't happening in the first 3-4 weeks.

I'm honestly not sure what that means. It doesn't sound good but I can't say for sure.

skinny body with huge belly2 months


In the last two days I wasn't able to eat much, so what I thought was abdominal fat has gone! Belly is flat again and I didn't store any fat there.
Was water and/or food bloat.

However, I still went from 148-160lbs.

Did some measurements.
From late Jan to now (12lb gain) we have:

Waist: -0.5", it has dropped below 29".

Navel: 32.4", no change, or slight increase

Thigh: +0.9"

Chest: Not measured but feels bigger

If I continue I'll have to rename myself to "SkinnyFat Thigh"

Oh, well that's good from a health perspective. BTW, you can measure the depth of your abdominal subcutaneous fat by measuring the depth of your belly button.

skinny body with huge belly2 months

I did the following measurement of fat thickness from 3 sites and got the total, there is a chart equating it with body fat percentage.


My total was 28mm, which = a BF% of 5%.

I'm actually wondering if the small weight gain I get is purely intramuscular fat.

Are your thighs any softer?

skinny body with huge belly2 months

A bit on the inside.

Back, sorry for the delay, I was pretty sick the past few days with a flu. Anyways, I hope it's not intramuscular fat.

skinny body with huge belly2 months

Well I posted a pic of my weight gain on the gallery.

My stomach has gone totally flat whereas at first it was bloated with very skinny limbs. It's almost impossible to pinch any fat anywhere.

Have you seen an endocrinologist yet?

skinny body with huge belly2 months

No, there's a bit of waiting unfortunately. It won't be more than a month or two now though.

Hope you're over the flu fully as well that stuff is shite!

Ah, that really sucks man.

Not exactly. It turns out I had another bacterial infection causing a sore throat. I went to the doctors on Monday and got some antibiotics. They've been working amazingly and my throat's feeling way better now. Still not better though.

skinny body with huge belly2 months

Strep throat then? Don't think I've had that before. Good that it's going.

Today's weigh in, 171lbs so 10lbs off my all time highest.
TBH I have to excrete pretty bad however but it all counts ;-)

Probably strep. It's pretty awful. You need to drink to stay hydrated but whenever you do you're in extreme pain. The body's response to having strep is completely illogical from an evolutionary perspective.

skinny body with huge belly1 month

Well today (28th March) I am doing a blood glucose panel to look at the metabolic effects.

I have gained approx. 20lbs since the start of the experiment, which is good by my standards.

The BG tests so far indicate a substantial deterioration in carbohydrate metabolism, though I can't be totally conclusive until the remaining tests after dinner.

There has been little increase/change in visceral fat, while subcutaneous and possibly intramuscular fat has expanded somewhat.

Interesting to note that this BG panel is being performed with the same diet as last month, but the only difference between then and now is the gained weight, causing BG numbers to increase.

After completing the BG tests today I have determined not to continue with this experiment any further, and that will be the last time I ever attempt such a thing.

I am going to see if I can get my DNA analysed to find out the reasons for my unnatural skinniness (when not trying to gain that is) and reason I can't gain weight normally, it costs money but I think it's worth doing.

But anyway this isn't worth my risk to my health so that is it forever.

Oh, well that's not good. I hope the deterioration wasn't too bad... I'm glad you've stopped this experiment. I was kinda worried about its effect on your body.

If the DNA analysis costs a lot could you get it covered by the NHS? Regardless, hopefully it'll help you figure out what disorder you have. Hopefully one day there will be a cure to your condition if there isn't one already. Like gene therapy!
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