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how to calorically spike recipes?4 months

I've started preparing meals for my feedee girlfriend and was wondering some ways to up the calorie intake of your average recipes without affecting the flavor a ton.

For example this morning I made her oatmeal with a full stick of butter, heavy cream, and a few scoops of coconut oil along with the regular ingredients like sugar, oats, raisins, etc.

What are some ideas for fattening additives or homemade meals for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

how to calorically spike recipes?4 months

All kinds of nuts, and sunflower seeds, are high in calories and easy to add to cereal, cereal bars, cookies etc. Oily fish and avocado are high calorie as well, if she likes them ☺️

how to calorically spike recipes?4 months

Cream and butter. Double what you already use and then add them to your dishes.

Spaghetti sauce becomes vodka sauce after you add a half pint of cream, for example.

In cooking for us I use about 1/2 stick of butter/day and about 1 pt/day of HC or Light Cream.

This adds so much dairy fat to our diet. We use Lactaid before eating large dairy loads to improve fat digestion and absorption.

And all that butter and cream makes everything else so tasty!

One more thing- MSG. Known as "Accent" on the spice racks. It really does make things even tastier.

I eat more food at meals when I use it because they taste so good! Accent.

So, butter, cream, Accent and Lactaid. The 4 basic blubber building blocks.

how to calorically spike recipes?3 months

I love to add olive oil to everything. I can add a cup of olive oil to a pound of cooked pasta and then add chopped kielbasa and peas or other veggie. I don't even mine adding some sour cream to make vodka sauce from marinara.
My girlfriend gets acid reflux from oil, so I have to make separate batches of pasta for her and her tiny delicate stomach.