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gained with health3 months

Yeah... no.

First of all, weight and health are not 100% linked. I have a far higher risk of diabetes due to family history, than someone with no history who is twice my weight.

Second, bugger off with your preaching over immobility. Some people want that. Obviously you don't, and that's a personal preference. But don't be here and knock other people's gaining goals.

And finally, just in case you weren't aware, some people actually enjoy their declining health. It may be hard to understand, but a fetish is a very personal thing and is often something that very much goes against the 'norm.' And for some folk, the norm they want to go against is not only size, but health.

Either way, I suggest you actually listen to and learn from folk on here, instead of try to preach to others about the 'right' way to gain. But if that's what you're actually here to do, you kinda deserve whatever bs is thrown your way as a result.
Well said. Thank you

gained with health3 months

Maybe OP was trying to offer advice for people who DON'T want health issues? I really can't be sure and the language barrier creates a little more difficulty discerning, but I think you assumed too much and were too harsh. Do you really think this guy was trying to be an asshole?