my wife wants to go on a diet1 week

I think you're on the right track, because you straight-up acknowledge it's her body to do with as she wishes, and that you want to be supportive of her no matter what. That's something a lot of FAs struggle with, so right away you're ahead of the game. Good on ya smiley

As to what to do, you've made your preferences clear and it's up to her what she wants to do with her body. You did your part by being honest with her. Again, super kudos.

As for how to feel, chances are if you find her attractive big, you'll still find her attractive smaller. She's still the same beauty you married, just shaped a little differently.

If on the off chance she loses enough weight to make her unattractive to you, then it becomes more complicated. You obviously love her as a person, but each of us does have very valid, very natural physical preferences. I severely doubt she'd become repulsive to you simply by losing weight, but if there does come a time where you cease being attracted to her, the time will come for you to be honest with her again. It's her body, and it's your life. At the moment, what she's chosen to do with her body meets yours needs. If that changes, then you may be at an impasse.

Only time will tell, and having regular check-ins with her about your feelings will be important.

my wife wants to go on a diet1 week

My wife lost a lot of weight many years ago, and she hated her saggy breasts and saggy skin, and so ended up putting it all back on again, plus a bit more ....... All said and done though, I still loved her no matter what, because love is more than a physical attraction.

my wife wants to go on a diet1 week

Seriously tho, this was perfect......this is exactly what I needed to hear 🙂

Thank you.

My pleasure! Again, you're doing the right thing right off the bat by being open and honest. Whatever happens as a result, you know you're coming by it in the best way, and with your best intentions.

my wife wants to go on a diet1 week

Stick it out. Dieting slows the metabolism, so she will regain all of her weight, plus more.