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halloween stuffing11 years

I went to a Halloween party last night. I ate lots of pigs in blankets, pepperoni, cheese and crackers and chip and onion dip to start. Then they had a doughnut eating contest. You had to eat a doughnut, then drink a glass of cider and see how much you could eat and drink in 10 minutes. My friends were egging me on and I had a dozen doughnuts and a dozen cups of cider. Needless to say, I won the contest. My tummy was rather bloated and ached quite a bit, but my friends were rubbing it and listening to the alien like noises. I guess I should have quit then but I've always had a fantasy/fetish involving stuffing and force feeding. Well some of my friends decided to "see how much that sucker could hold" referring to my stomach and I let them. They fed me non stop for close to an hour. I can't even remember everything that went into my tummy. There was a big hunk of a 6 foot sub, macaroni salad, pizza, chocolate cake, ice cream, pumpkin cheesecake and of course Halloween candy. By the time they decided that I had had enough, my stomach was huge and tight as a drum. Some of my friends could not keep their hands off of it. They helped me to stand and got me out to my friend's car. The ride home was torture. My tummy groaned and sloshed with every bump and I know my friend was terrified I was going to get sick all over her car. She kept saying,"I can believe you ate SO much, you're not going to puke are you?" I sat there totally aroused, rubbing my aching tummy saying,"No I'm fine, I'm not even full." I managed to get inside my apartment where my roommate very kindly rubbed my tummy until I fell asleep. I promised I would never eat like that again, but I think I may have lied! Anyone else have a "Stuffed" Halloween?