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stuffing and meditation - where do you want to grow?11 years

Hi - sorry but this made be a bit of a thread, so sorry for all the reading material but i really wanna get the point across... just keep eatin' that cake batter smiley

I have always been very big on meditation. I learned its benefits on controlling not only my body, but also my surroudings when i studied from a spanish monk named Anonda - he's amazing. For many years i have meditated - listening to the "yi" (in chinese the "wisdom" or soul) and the internals of my body. thats how i regulated it to an optimum strength:weight ratio.

After deciding to gain 20lbs or so (this will no doubt give me a serious belly int he process) in my fascination with stuffing and plump, fat bellies i would lie down at night and fall asleep.

Now with all this food in my belly.. my mind would keep repeating to me how much fat i was accumulating - after my FOUR continuous stuffings this weekend (every meal almost), i now wake up today with knowing that my organs around my belly are filling up the gaps with fat. it feels really erotic to tell you the truth.

That wasn't what i was going to tell you though. what i wasgoing to input was the fact that upon listening to my heavy heartbeats with whatever 3000calories i had in it upon sleeping or napping - i could feel the super-nutrient rich blood pumping around my body. Now, i feel i came to a sort of revelation in the fact that as i moved about from having a very packed belly (this is just a theory), that from being on my side i could feel all that blood just sitting in my belly.

since getting fat is of the "yang" or of the "physical" aspect of life, depending on how you sleep at night can it make you fatter in a certain area??

So the question remains - how do you sleep (majority of the time), and where have you gained weight?

stuffing and meditation - where do you want to grow?11 years

I haven't ever really heard of this but I guess anything is possible... Not sure if it contributed to my larger belly but i normally sleep on my side.