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accidental stuffing10 years

So just now I was out for a drive and before returning home wanted a coffee and perhaps a slice of cake or a nice pastry. The first two cafes I tried were bars/pubs and had no cakes so I moved on. I remembered a hotel not far away so thought I'd try their cafe - bingo they had a lovely buffet selection of sweets.

I asked for a slice of a Chocolate Swiss Roll and a coffee. When the waitress brought me them she waited till I took a bite of the roll and then this conversation followed:

She: "Oh you know it's a fixed price buffet, one plate at 10 Euros"
Me: "Oh, no I didn't know. Can I simply pay 5 Euro for the coffee and cake?"
"No, I'm afraid it's 10 Euro plus the coffee, 2.50"
"Are you serious? I only want this and I'm gone"
"Nothing I can do, sorry. But you can have take more, you can fill your plate once from the dessert table"
At this point my pride, still smarting from the rip-off played on my greedy gluttonous nature, so I replied
"If I fill my plate I'll take much more than 10 Euro worth, can I just pay 5 Euro for everything I've taken?"
"No, have a good meal"

I took my plate back to the table and piled it with all I could without the desserts falling off. She stared at me as I walked back to my table with the original slice of swiss roll now covered in chocolate mousse, a slice of apple pie, one of black forest gateau, two tarts one strawberry and one with forest fruits and 3 scones, a massive dollop of cream over everything.

I simply tucked my head down, started at one end and munched my way to other, stopping once to let out my belt a notch and undo my jeans buttons. When I was done almost 40 minutes later I felt light headed I was so stuffed. My polo shirt was already tight when i walked in, now it stretched over my belly, leaving an inch of flab showing over the jeans.

Barely stifling a few belches I paid her blasted 12.50, made a point of not giving her a tip and rolled out to the car.

An extremely satisfying end to a good weekend :-)