serious considerations for super-obese partner

The matres with alternating inflating cells stops the pressure saws problem.

You may need wider door ways. Probably want to make the living room the bedroom too. Open plan so that you can keep each other company when you're cooking.

Decent TV and Internet will help.

Probably get a medical hoist and suitable sling. A power wheelchair off ebay. Like a scooter only shorter. A commode.

You need to make sure the Feedee is comfortable and happy.
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unexpected deletions

Google Docs are your friend. Instant saving.

You should not keep your creative efforts online. Google can delete these at any time or even report you for a hate crime. Your PC is your friend.
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unexpected deletions

I would definitely recommend writing things up somewhere else before posting them on here. That would avoid that issue, and you'd still have a copy saved if your story ever disappeared or anything like that. This site has a ton of little glitches like that.

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as an autisitic fa i need to address this is on my bopo blog

Controversial thread lol.

Relationships between men and women can be difficult. It's very easy for a man to be perceived as creepy. Sometimes the man is genuine but the woman has been affected by extremist feminism.

Or in other cases the man has been affected by extremist feminism. Look at how feminist men get accused of being creeps because really they are just trying to please women in order to get laid.

If I am virtue signalling then I have been told on this thread that I'm not making many friends this way.

To be an effective virtue signaller I would need to be a Social Justice Warrior Feminist. There is a limit to how many virtues one person can have since they start to contradict each other like Feminism ve Islam or Christian ve Abortion enthusiast, Cultural Diversity ve Racial Purity. Also these don't get you laid so no point in them.

avatar JackSteven 2 weeks

as an autisitic fa i need to address this is on my bopo blog

lol. This dude just signaling how he�s not like the other guys.

Which dude? Me the one saying he does not like SJW because they promote toxic ideas or the other due because not liking SJW is a toxic idea?
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how to gain weight secretly

I want to gain weight but I'm scared I'll get bullied and hated for it, I don't know what to do

To use a term I've seen on FF. Embrace your obesity.

If this really is 'your thing' then you should Just Do It (tm Nike&apossmiley.

Or in other words Own It.

Realistically you might get some ribbing over your weightgain. You might even get some concerned talking to's by relatives, friend and your doctor. This is your right of passage. These people are not wrong. Gaining a lot of weight could be very unhealthy. You will probably never be able to get back to your current size. Your life will be shorter.

Obviously to most people these things sound terrible. To a Feedee they are the cost of being a Feedee but worth it. They may even be a turn on and driving force.

You can gain weight secretly for a while during this time prepare yourself for a lifetime of obesity.
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as an autisitic fa i need to address this is on my bopo blog

Honestly the vast majority of men around here are creeps, but not all of them are bad. It just comes with the territory.

The problem is what the person is putting across to the other person. Either the transmission is not genuine or the reception gets scrambled.

Also people do delight (perhaps the wrong word) in taking offence.

Using text to transmit emotions is fraught with problems. Autistic people have problems with those subtleties at the best of times which can be compounded by text.

A prevailing feeling that men are all creeps will cause men to second guess what they are saying. They will then not be genuine and therefore be the creeps they are trying so hard not to be.

If this post seems a little creepy it's probably because I'm trying so hard not to offend any SJW or Feminists, the main culprits for lack for tolerance of diversity of opinion.
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would you put on five stone and lose it in six months for £10,000?

One stone is about 14 lbs.

So about 70 pounds? That�s easy haha I gained that in the past year all by myself! Hell yeah I�d gain such a minimal amount for that much haha. Losing it would suck but at least id be left with the cash and even softer curves to grow once more.

And it would be so much easier to gain it all back.

Yes, one of my favorite parts of gaining, it's a fat sentance for life. So hard to keep the weight off ....

A stone is exactly 14 pounds so yes 70 pounds to gain in 3 months is what's required. Then in the next three months you have to lose it again.

If it was my £10,000 I'd ask you to gain 10 stone in 6 months and keep it.
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visiting the doctor’s office.

I do. Recently I've turned 20.. and 1 week before I turn 20 I went at the doc's. Damn before hearing what's the issue I have, he gave me a very terrible look and then said you're morbidly obese for a 19years old, I'm sure you have high bp and high blood sugar... but truth is I don't have both of these 2 issues . And when my parents told him I don't have these 2 issues he was shocked. However he kept saying I need to lose weight and exercise...Whatever he was saying was turning me on to become more huge!

To be your size so young you are sealing your fate. If the implications turn you on then you will become more and more out of control. The doctor has a duty to try and stop this happening but at the same time they will be curious to watch you balloon.

The state is torn between trying to stop you getting fatter and rewarding you with benefits and assistance you require as you become less and less able.

I think we all know where you're going with this ;-)
avatar JackSteven 2 weeks
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