reply direction

I am surprised that I do not see this here already...But it seems that if I use the box above a message I have received/opened (of which the "send" button is labeled reply) that the message typed in said box is sent to ME(not the sender of the message opened) Is this a glitch or simply dependant on which party initiated the conversaion. (IE. If I send the first message in a conversation; will it always "reply" to ME...or if THEY send the first message will it always reply to them.) I have been hesitant to experiment given the nature of my message limit...this wastes messages when forgotten etc. I feel weird to pose this query from a free membership, and appreciate the work put into this site. I have been a member for over a decade and care greatly about this community and its workings. I bring this to your attention only to better it, not to complain or be critical of your work. Thank you.
avatar TangledYoyo 3 years