dom feedees/sub feeders?

I am a dominant feedee
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the best donuts

Curious 1:
Its safe to say that we all here LOVE donuts, they are like our go-to snack for cheap, sweet calories smiley

Who, however, makes the best tasting donuts?

Krispy Kreme
Dunkin' Donuts
Large chains like Walmart
Regional grocery stores like Albertson's
A mom&pop shop we don't know about

Name your favorite place and why!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts have variety and a unique recipe for their glaze which is sugary, mouthwatering, and tastes great with coffee. Dunkin Doughnuts coffee to be exact.
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so what games are you playing?

Lisa the Painful
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looking for a foodie gal or submissive male feeders

I am a foodie and dominant feedee, I do not submit to any man other than the man I have already chosen to be with, I am only willing to be a switch for a woman.

Women: I want whatever you would like to offer as long as you aren't trying to roleplay or trying to get me to fuck your boyfriend.

Men: I only want your food and your allegiance to me, Lady Reina, as my submissive or slave.

-Stop sending me messages calling me things like toothpick or piggy I will block you.

-Stop sending me messages to roleplay I want this to happen for real. I don't roleplay.

I live stream videos of myself eating when I get large amounts of food or just playing video games so become a fan its completely free!

Sorry I'm not looking for feedees, I don't want to feed you I want to eat it all and become a marshmallow while you stay small.

I have a feabie and fetlife account as well.
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feed me tomorrow!

Does anyone want to try out a feedee/feeder situation tomorrow in GA? Take me to dinner and watch me scarf down food, bonus if you are a feeder who likes feeding guys or a cuck because my bf is only 129 lb and wanting to gain weight.

*edit: just to clarify I am still looking for female feeders
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any interested female feeders in atl?

I am looking for people in the Atlanta area who like stuffing cute girls faces with food.

I would prefer women who are interested in asking about my daily meals, willing to meet for lunch sometimes, will come visit me at work/home to bring me her home cooking and to just make sure I eat 3 or 4 meals a day.

We can be friends and maybe more than friends eventually?
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* location shout outs part 3*

Decatur, GA
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