Getting fattened by a soft feeder?

More a nigella lawson sort of feeder soft but sexy and sensitive at the same time just love's to cook and feed you all the time.
13 hours

Death feedists

While I'm not turned on by death feedism, I've been warned all my life of the health risks of being fat. I still want to be bigger. My immediate goal is another hundred pounds, but my hope is to reach 500 and stay there, as long as I'm working and need to be mobile. Ultimately when I retire down the road, I think I'd be open to blowing up as fat as humanly possible, the hell with the consequences.

That's my thinking I think I can get to 600 and still function if a bit restricted. But when I am off the work hook just let go, 800 or more.
14 hours

How to deal with negativity

If your okay with your weight then tick good. If someone is making fun humiliating you regardless of why, tell them to mind their own business and if I want your opinion i will ask for it. If it out of concern say I appreciate your concern yes I have put on weight but it's not anything serious and I am not concerned.
1 day

How fat is "too fat"?

I have no concept of having too much weight. I just enjoy the idea of growing bigger, in particular when I see people that are bigger than me, I just want their size on me. I will do most things to enable my gaining. My short term limit is my job and travel in cars and planes. I think either may limit me in the next year or so. When I can retire and avoid such stuff, then it will be my body’s ability handle it without serious issue. I think needing oxygen would be a bit far. Given that I would try and get as big as possible. Loss of mobility does not bother me that much, going out is over rated. Like most here a feeder to enjoy the journey would help a lot.
2 days

What's the most you've ever ate in one sitting?

2 kg of lasagna and 2 litres of drink.
5 days

Clothing men's jeans


Just sharing I am trying a Web site for custom jeans when I get my trial order I will provide feedback. The site calculation using your height weight and body shape indicators to provide size measurements and it was quite accurate.
2 weeks

Your feeder of choice

If you could choose a person to be your feeder who would it be,

Me: it would be Nigella Lawson, she is such a fantastic cook, and some what sensual at the same time, also very attractive how could I say no to more from her.
2 weeks

Does anyone use the word "obese" to describe themselves or their partner ?

The only time I really use the word obese is when talking about my medical issues. But as far as describing partners or friends. I’d just call them heavy set.

Same here it's a medical context term based on BMI. As fat is a tissue type. I like terms like corpulent, rotund , portly, ect...
2 weeks

Female feeder looking for fatty to encourage

Yes you have to assume everyone is a scammer until proven otherwise.
3 weeks

Pros and cons of weighing 400 pounds

At 400 male and your height you should not have much day to day issues. Clothes will be restricted in style and options. At 400 do not plan to do a 10 km hike with lots of step stairs.
3 weeks
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