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Anybody here played a sport,got really fat,then tried to play it again

Morbidly A Beast:
I wrestled in high school and In my freshman year of college. I did well went to the solo state championship twice didn’t win but I was there. I was anywhere between 130 and 140 but 135 weight I felt the most comfortable. I ended up feeling outclassed in college and wanted to focus more on class so I dropped it. By the time I graduated in 2016 I was 220 I would have been to heavy for anything other than ‘heavy weight’ which starts anything over 215 up to 285. Needless to say I’m a lot heavier now lol. I haven’t been on a mat since 2014 shit I barely did exercise until recently (walking) about all I can muster now bending down is terrible

I used to play real tennis from around 150-290 lbs. I stopped because at that weight when you start moving rapidly, it can be pretty hard to stop, and the walls that surround the court are *hard*.

I recently was persuaded to try a match, now at 365. My coordination is still adequate but I just can’t even begin to move rapidly enough for my old problem with momentum to even be a factor.

Also, a big belly gets in the way of swinging a racket.
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Does anyone use the word "obese" to describe themselves or their partner ?

It's interesting to me what words someone uses to describe their size or their partner's size.
For a size with more adipose tissue, one can say fat, overweight, chubby, thick, plus size, etc.
Obese would he a unique choice to use, if accurate.
Does anyone use the word "obese" to describe themselves or their partner ?

I love using obese to describe myself.
3 weeks

Belly gaining and asexuality.

I’ve certainly found that the fatter I’ve got the less important actual sex is. I can well imagine that at 600 lbs I won’t care about it.
3 weeks

The sensation of gaining.

Miss Tiramisu:
Has anyone else here experienced the actual feeling of fat filling into your body?
That sort of tingly pressure that you feel in the spots you are gaining?
I just felt that for the first time, and I'm not going to lie, it really turns me on...

The sensations I know are itching stretchmarks, and finding new fat. I’ve been finding it the last few days in my inner thighs and bum, when I stand still and press my legs together.
3 weeks
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