23f wanting to get bigger

Hi, I’m looking to gain more weight. The past few months my weight has increased and decreased during hardship with my condition. I still would like to enjoy myself to the fullest extent so I’m hoping to find the right person through FF, and hopefully sharing and posting about what I’m looking for/what I’m into will do me well. I have a pretty descriptive bio here and wouldn’t wanna waste the forums by resharing similar details about myself. So, I’ve been gaining weight for 11 years. I first discovered my interest at a younger age. My weight gain was enabled by peers and adults in my life back then. However it wasn’t intentional at all. Over the years I would experiment and one thing led to another. Which is a story I’d have to tell another time.

Discord: blubberbabe
1 day

What's the most you've ever ate in one sitting?

7 large boxes of dominos pizza
2 boxes of marbled cookie brownies
1 1/2 of a two liter Fanta.
18 piece BBQ wings.

But this was back in 2020-2021 and I remember I prepped myself for it about a week prior. It was a huge challenger for me and still to this day I reminisce upon that day.
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Feedee 23f

Discord blubberbabe
6 days

23f looking for friends and casual encounters?

Honestly life has been hectic as of lately and I’m feeling pretty bummed out about everything that’s going on right now in my life. And I’m not sure how to manage life at this point in time. So I’m just really hoping to find someone to talk and possibly get a friendship going or a feedee / feeder relationship . Discord:blubberbabe
1 week

Feedee 23 looking for feeder

California 23F, looking for a feeder !
1 week

Having a stuffed belly & then playing with it

Am I the only one that enjoys playing with my belly when I’m extremely stuffed? I really enjoy the feeling of my belly becoming very sloshy while I jiggle it around. I noticed my belly also starts to get really tight when I’m over stuffed. (It’s not a discomfort) I feel like I want to see how far I can go and experience what my belly would feel like if I were to absolutely pig out more then I’ve limited myself to be. Discord: blubberbabe
2 weeks
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