How fat is "too fat"?

Well in the context of one's fantasies I'd say there's almost no limit. However, if we're talking realistically then I'd say that struggling to walk/trouble breathing or abnormal heartbeat is for me the limit. I would want my girlfriend to be happy with me in a relationship, not use her body for my own lustful desires.
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Getting turned on when someone overeats

Personally I don't get turned on by myself overeating or any of my friends. It ain't much of an appeal to me. However It'd definetly turn me on if it was my girlfriend tho, if I had one
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What's the most you've ever ate in one sitting?

1 or 2 strawberry chocolate cake slices brought from the store
a glass of soda
a couple chocolate balls
7 slices of way too spicy pizza (couldn't finish the 8th slice)
That was all in a birthday party, so just based off of that you can pretty much detect that I'm more of a feeder lol
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How to deal with negativity

Took a small break from doing anything, and visiting the site due to some criticism from outside sources. It really took a toll on me and made me feel negatively about myself. I have gained a substantial amount of weight in a relatively small timeframe and must have come as a shock to my peers, which prompted some discomfort in conversation. My question i guess is how do I deal with this? I have no genuine interest in losing the weight, I know it won’t make me happy, but being ridiculed for my size is ridiculous. Does anyone have any good tips for shrugging it off?

Tell them to just accept you for who you are. I mean, I personally couldn't give less of a shit if one of my friends suddenly gained weight. Just talk it out and if they still don't like you simply because you've got more pudge, then they're not really supportive of you. Wish you the best of luck, tho
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Why does every guy i show interest in want to lose weight all of a sudden?? (rant)

Sorry, I need to blow off some steam here:

Absolutely every guy I show interest in tells me he wants to lose weight. Because you gotta lose weight if a pretty girl shows interest in you, otherwise you'll lose her, right? Some say it immediately, some mention it after a few dates.
For some reason 30kg seems to be the magic number here. It's the amount every guy wants to lose. Though, sometimes it's 50kg too.

If I know the guy a little better I will tell him that I find him attractive the way he is and that he doesn't have to lose weight for me, but it doesn't do anything. Once I even told a guy straight out on the first date that I'm not attracted to skinny people, but it didn't change much.

Maybe the guys really are doing it for themselves and that would be absolutely fine (although sad for me, haha), but to me it seems like they are doing it out of insecurity.
At this point with some guys any activities that involve food like eating out or cooking together stop being fun because they keep complaining about how fat they are and how much they are eating. Often without changing anything. Or they start eating very little and count calories. Other guys might avoid activities that include food as much as possible.

This makes me feel bad like myself. I am very happy with my body and eating habits right now, but I struggled with an eating disorder almost 10 years ago and I feel like this kind of behavior triggers me. It makes me wonder if I am also too fat and should diet too. It's such an awful feeling.

I don't want to be with someone who is so negative. I want to be with someone who enjoys life and likes to indulge in its pleasures.
But I can't seem to find someone like that. Am I just attracting dreadful people? Or are 99% of fat men just incredibly insecure?? I just want to be with someone who is self-confident and has a positive outlook on life.

And it's not like I'm against a guy staying fit. I obviously want them to be as healthy as possible.
I like being active myself. I love to dance and go for long walks or hikes. And of course I would like to do these activities with my partner. But I would like them to stay chubby while being active. I sometimes wish it was different, but skinny or muscular is just not my type. I wanna be with a guy who is like a sumo wrestler. Someone who is fat but still strong and fit.

Commenting this as a skinny male feeder: Personally, I would want to maintain my own body shape for my own personal desire. However, I'm sure there are lots of men who don't care about their weight or even want to get bigger. Perhaps you're a bit unfortunate at the moment. Give it some time and you'll find the perfect one for you.
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Would you attempt to sit in this chair??

Just curious to know, based off your size and weight if you would attempt to sit in this chair, would you fit, would you be worried it would break if you did sit in it? How long do you think it would hold you up before it broke under you and which part of the chair would be your biggest concern that would break?

I could easily jump on this chair and I’d be breaking my bones before I could even break it. Not sure about my future girlfriend though
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(18m) looking for friends or female feedee

hi i would love to chat!

Discord: fujiwaranoodle333
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Stuffing feedee friends or strangers?

Yeah. A lot of the male feeders are deplorable, so some women have sworn them off completely

Can confirm. Over the past year or so I've heard some stories of ex-feedees talking about their abusive relationship with their feeder, which kinda led to me feeling a bit of guilt, even if I was never in a relationship before. So it's best to know the person much better before actually committing to a long-term friendship/relationship.
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What is the sexiest outfit to outgrow?

Okay, I may be a straight feeder, but personally what I find extremely attractive for girls to outgrow is a maid dress, buttoned shirts and skirts.
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