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My First Time Inflating
Today, I figured out a way to inflate myself with water. Thanks to the help of someone on this site, I found a shower hose in the upstairs bathroom that I could plug into myself, and get it done. T...
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What Causes A Thread To Be Deleted?
Are there any rules on the forums that I'm not aware of? Are we simply allowed to post whatever we want on here, or are there certain things that would cause our threads to be gone?
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My First Real Stuffing Challenge!

I'm pretty skinny, but can bloat a little from overeating. On chat, I dared myself to see how far I could go. Got through 3 bowls of ramen and a half a gallon of water before calling it quits. Wanted to do more, but my s
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Easy Ways to Gain Weight on a Budget
I've been super skinny my whole life, and I'm thinking of changing that. However, my attempts to gain weight in the past have not been successful.

Not only is my metabolism really high, but I do...
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Anyone in the Nearby Area?
Hoping to find a feeder/mutual who lives near the Tri Cities in Tennessee, one who's interested in helping me fatten up (I'm currently very skinny.) Any gender will do, though I'd prefer a female. ...
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Trans and Lesbian