Fort Worth, Texas, United States  

About me

Had to update this as I’ve realized a few things recently. I’m a feedee that is cool with mutual gaining but I have to be twice as fat as you eventually lol. I enjoy all sizes and body types and have recently discovered I’m definitely pansexual with a preference for femme body types. But I’m also demisexual and if I connect with you and you are the feeder I’m needing to get as fat as I desire I’m open to anyone. That being said my goal weight if minimum of 600 is nonnegotiable as I will get at least that fat. But I would also like to be fed and fattened without limits too. I’ve realized I’m truly a no limits feedee that will gladly fill a bed for you.



Discord: bathisum
Kik: Bathisum

Outside of being a purposeful fatty I am a dork and nerd I love video games, anime, most movies and tv, I also play dnd regularly and am currently being the DM for a session.

Gender: male
Age: 33yrs
Weight: 305lbs
Height: 6’ 5" (196 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: feedee
Online 3 hours
Visits website: weekly
Joined 9 months


Food: Mexican, Italian, sushi, burgers, ice cream
Movies: Green mile, shawshank redemption, happy Gilmore, most comedies. I’ll watch most anything.
Music: Alternative rock
TV shows: Anime mostly, futurama, documentaries
Cars: Mini van, SUV
Books: Don’t read much honestly
Fashions: Comfortable and fits.