London, England, United Kingdom  

About me

Happily fat London guy, been here before years ago but saw the upgrade and thought I’d check the community out. Always been food obsessed and love to eat anything and everything, from lovely big meals out to nights in the sofa snacking and binging... a gourmand you may say. Chatty and confident in my skin, no shame of my big belly and lead a pretty active life. Been single a year or so and ready to meet someone great and you know if you further destroy my waistline that wouldn’t be the worst thing....

Other interests include anything artsy (especially theatre/film) left wing politics, travel, dnb, being a badass and slowly taking over the world.

Feel free to drop me a line :)

Gender: male
Age: 32yrs
Weight: 350lbs
Height: 6’ 0" (183 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: feedee
Online 3 weeks
Visits website: rarely
Joined 2 years


Food: Tapas, dim sum, pizza... buffets, bread and cheese in all formats
Movies: Interstellar, There Will be Blood, anything Wes Anderson, sucker for Indiana Jones (the ogs )
Music: Dnb always all the time, but other highs include Kendrick Lamar, the streets, Otis Redding,
TV shows: Bojack horseman, always sunny, utopia, sopranos, masterchef, great British menu
Cars: Err, did used to have a mini ironically, bit of a squeeze
Books: Theatre kid so read a lot of plays these days, Dennis Kelly, jez butterworth etc
Fashions: Action bronson chic