Big Mike Doom

Berkeley, California, United States  

About me

I'm a writer that publishes stories about bbw and ssbbw supheroines in peril. I don't consider bbws or ssbbw to be fetishes, i consider my actual fetishes as fetishes, (sleepy, superheroines in peril) and i consider BBWs and SSBBWs to be the hottest women on the planet.

Gender: male
Age: 50yrs
Weight: 317lbs
Height: 5’ 11" (181 cms)
Sexual orientation: straight
Fetish: fat appreciator
Online 2 weeks
Visits website: rarely
Joined 3 months


Food: The more love put into it, the better it is
Movies: Huge Wes Andersen fan
Music: All. Of. It.
TV shows: I'm really enjoying 'I think you should leave' on Netflix right now
Cars: not into them
Fashions: BBWs and SSBBWs in anything tight or skimpy