Blimp Buttocks

Brownsville, Texas, United States  

About me

I'm a pretty shy person and I've been on this site for a while, I'm mainly just a feedee who's trying to gain weight and I post pictures so I can compare the way I look when I get fatter. I appreciate anyone who would like to encourage me to gain, it helps out a lot and keeps me motivated, I don't really need a feeder since I'm gaining at a good pace but if anyone would wanna speed up the process then I'd be happy to be your personal piggy.

Gender: male
Age: 24yrs
Weight: 262lbs
Height: 5’ 6" (168 cms)
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Fetish: mutual gainer
Online 1 month
Visits website: rarely
Joined 4 years


Food: Anything, but I prefer dairy :)
Movies: I like sad movies because I'm weird
Music: Mostly video game music, the super Mario Galaxy ost makes me cry lol
TV shows: None recently
Cars: None because I don't drive
Books: None, I don't read
Fashions: Anything that is comfy